Risky Compassion CoverRisky Compassion is a series of stories, insights and reflections from Dr Ash Barker’s twelve years immersed in Bangkok’s largest slum with his family. From this extreme context, he explores the story of the Good Samaritan and teases out life’s risky questions and implications for each of us. Ash brilliantly identifies those qualities that can enable you to go deeper in life – no matter where you live.

As you read Ash’s latest book you will:

  • Be compelled to ask yourself those risky questions about what really matters in life.
  • Step out of your own comfort zone: Begin to travel further on your own risky journey.
  • See how suffering can help you take the risks of gaining insight.
  • Learn how to join with God’s risky compassion.
  • Begin crossing over to connect: Finding solidarity with those on the margins in ways that changes life perspectives and values.
  • Find strategies that can work for you to help others and find your own vocation at the same time.

Ash wrote, “Life in Klong Toey slum confronted me. I couldn’t avoid the big, risky questions that this neighborhood raised for me about life, death and what matters most. As my time in Bangkok began to draw to a close, I felt an invitation to search for deeper answers to make sense of my years here and this book is part of the result. Exploring the story of the ‘Compassionate Samaritan’ helped me find meaning in the midst of suffering. I pray and hope this story, and these musings, can have a similar impact on you.”

Richard Rohr contributed the foreword for Risky Compassion and wrote, “I hope anew when I meet people like Ash and Anji Barker and the many like-hearted folks who work with them, and whom I meet all over the world. They are surely out there, and usually not making many headlines because they are too busy doing instead of talking. Christ seems to be just as invisible and unnoticed now as he was when he first came. Just doing it is less book-worthy than thinking about it, for some sad reason. But this book will help you to both think with the universal mind of Christ–and to do what you must do with the endless empathy of God. ‘What we received as a gift, we must give as a gift’ (Matthew 10:8).”

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