What fresh insights and practice could help you and your urban community grow? We seek to equip Christian leaders with the needed frameworks, understandings, values, theology, spiritualities and practices to engage a new urban world. Newbigin School for Urban Leadership does not have any accreditation for courses in our own right, but works through educational and mission partners to offer some courses for credit. Contact for more details.

Intensive Courses

Through our College partners we offer accredited courses in the areas of urban theology, mission and community organising. Upcoming courses that are part of an MA in Urban Mission accredited through Nazarene Theological College, (University of Manchester) include:

September 25-October 2, 2017: Global Urban Mission based in Frankfurt, Germany.*

January 2018: Compassionate Ministry based in Manchester, UK. *

2-11 June, 2018, Global Urban Mission based in Nairobi, Kenya.*

* To apply for enrolment or audit classes please contact:

Immersion Courses

We offer immersion courses to help prepare Christian workers and leaders to better engage our new urban world. These are run based from Newbigin House in Winson Green and involve input, reflections and tailor made experiences with local social enterprises, ministries, churches, Mosques and Gurdwaras. Recent immersion courses have been run with groups from CMS, Cincinnati Christian University and Operation Mobilisation. Some of these are for credit through the partners involved.
> Contact to see if a course can work for your group.

Community Research Supervision

Through our international network of scholars and practitioners we help to identify opportunities, threats and best practices for transforming urban neighbourhoods. The research and policy findings will be made available via our partners and publications. This includes non-formal research as well as Doctoral and Master’s supervision through our partnership with Newbigin Centre (Ridley Hall, Cambridge), Urban Life (Bristol Baptist College, University of Aberdeen), Nazarene Theological College (University of Manchester) and CMS (University of Durham).
> Contact to see what research path might work for you.

‘Community Chaplaincy Course’ with Yellow Ribbon

Through our partnership with Yellow Ribbon Community Chaplaincy and the Community Chaplaincy Association we offer a nationally recognised course for community chaplains. This two day course offers six sessions to help participants learn the skills for befriending and mentoring people coming out of prison. These are run around the country and are also hosted at Newbigin House.
> Contact to see when the next course is to be run.