Invite Ash to Speak

Ash tries to keep a healthy rhythm for speaking and travel, held in sync with family and neighbourhood life and ministry. He has asked a group of friends to help discern speaking engagements to ensure he can be a good steward of time and live as healthy as possible.

Ash generally plans speaking engagements 6-12 months in advance, but has “no travel” seasons too. Please check the Ash’s Schedule page to see what is already booked.

Honorarium – Ash has no set fee for speaking, but asks the hosting group to provide an honorarium. If in the UK please make it payable to: “Ashley Barker”,  In Australia to: “GMP” in the USA “CMF”. 
Ash doesn’t want money to be determining factor for where he speaks, therefore he often engages with groups who have limited resources but support his ministry by taking up a freewill offering. Ash does, however, seek to be a wise and careful steward with his time away from home and encourages local groups to collaborate together so they can share costs and maximise exposure, whenever possible.
Travel and Accommodation – The hosting group will be responsible to cover Ash’s transportation costs. When within three driving hours, Ash usually opts to drive or take the train or bus, he will give an indication of these costs so they can be reimbursed. If an airfare is required, the hosting group will need to book and pay for the flight in consultation with Ash. If accommodation is needed, Ash is happy to be billeted with a local family near the venue – or accommodated in a local hotel / motel. 

Sessions – After a larger session, Ash enjoys a Question and Answer dialogue time whenever possible. These can be incorporated into the large gathering (i.e. with an open mic) or can be scheduled as a separate post-session event.

If you are interested in inviting Ash to speak at your church or event, please complete the following form.