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Could you benefit from joining or setting up an urban learning community?

Learning for urban engagement cannot be done in isolation. Living and learning with others on the same journey of discovery helps urban workers and leaders grow with their heads, hearts, hands and in hope. The following activities aim to bring workers together in a learning community, some based from Winson Green, but others offered in a ‘learning hub’ where the participant is based.

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Newbigin House (residential community)

Newbigin House is a old, 7 bedroom, vicarage in Winson Green and hosts various organisations and community activities, but it is also the home of a residential community offering hospitality and welcome. The Barker family live here with Newbigin Associates and guests including those coming out of prison. Newbigin House a crazy place to live and share life, but is an important base for growth and learning for all residents and guests.

Newbigin Associates (community worker formation in Winson Green)

This ten month leadership and community formation ‘seed bed’ experience is for 12 participants based in Winson Green and Handsworth. The focus is on joining community life, growing and developing spiritually, personally and in skills for neighbourhood renewal. While some participants are already local to the neighbourhood and will remain, others will use this as a vocation discernment time and take up opportunities to be ‘re-planted’ in another neighbourhood once the year is over. The Newbigin Associates program includes living in Winson Green, a community work placement, a weekly action- reflection group, retreats, monthly seminars and mentoring. Newbigin Associate could also do some part time formal study with one of our partner Colleges. We hope to commission the first Newbigin Associates in Winson Green in October 2017.
> Cost: approximately £ 250 per month for those living in Newbigin House

Urban Change Makers UK (emerging leaders program)

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Twitter: @UrbanChangeMakers

Building the transforming capacity of emerging leaders and their urban communities to see real change from the ground up. This unique leadership capacity building program is a joint partnership between Newbigin School for Urban Leadership and Worth Unlimited with hopes for learning hubs in 7 tough urban contexts across the UK.

Urban Change Makers UK seeks to identify, invite and incubate together twenty high potential urban leaders aged 18-30 and grow their experiences as Christians in advocating for change in their spheres of influence. This especially includes campaigning, social entrepreneurship and neighbourhood-based community and discipleship building. Change Makers UK is part of a wider movement of young leaders taking up responsibilities in spheres of personal, social and environmental change. The program originated in South Africa where helping emerging leaders fully engage Jesus with their hearts, heads and hands in the world brought real hope for transformation.

Nominated by key Christian leaders and identified learning hubs from around the UK and invited by the Change Makers UK co-ordinating team, priority is given to urban leaders who have a high potential to build their confidence, connections and networks in the program. The program includes 3 live-in week-ends, 3 personal mentoring sessions and 3 regional days over an academic year. Each participant will develop a community-based initiative or campaign over the year that can be pitched for seed-funding in the last live-in week end. Nominations are now open for a start in September 2017.

Cost: £ 1000 per year (scholarships sought)

Compassionate Community Leaders Course

A six session, weekly seminar course aimed at mobilising, forming and equipping local leaders for more effective neighbourhood renewal. It is a practical mixture of tools, skills and character training based on the teachings of Jesus with an Asset-Based Community Development and Organising perspective.
> Cost? Free for residents of Winson Green and Handsworth.
> Cost for offering the course in other neighbourhoods? £60 per participants.

Community Placements, Internships and Residencies

From time to time the Newbigin House can offer live-in opportunities for Christian students and workers who with our partner Colleges and/or missions. The participant would have a tailor made experience with a mixture of community engagement, reflection, mentoring and retreat for a 3 to 6 month experience.
> Cost: £250 a month, live in.

Coaching New Urban Seedbeds

Taking on new interns, apprentices or other Christians exploring vocation is not easy in fragile, urban ecosystems. Newbigin School for Urban Leadership seeks to stand with those urban community leaders offering placements and provide resources and mentoring to give every opportunity for these experiences to be as healthy as possible.

Missio Dei Discernment Retreats/Seminars

A one day, facilitated discernment experience for those seeking direction in life and vocation. See this link for more information.
Cost: £ 25 per participant (minimum of 10 participants)

International Society for Urban Mission

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Ash is the founding Director of ISUM, an international fellowship of urban Christian activist, scholars and leaders that seeks the the shalom of the city. A part of Micah Global, ISUM’s activities include: Summits, learning exchanges, publishing and the New Urban World journal.

Urban Shalom Project

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Twitter: @UrbanShalomProject

Ash is a Co-Convener of Urban Shalom Project that enables Christians to come together to engage with global conversations around urban challenges, opportunities and the United Nation’s ‘New Urban Agenda’ for a more sustainable, just and inclusive urban future. USP is a co-olition that includes World Evangelical Alliance, Micah Global, International Society for Urban Mission and Lausanne and represents over 600 million Christians. Our upcoming activities include campaigning, publishing and public forums. Pray especially for Urban Shalom Forums in Melbourne (21/3), Birmingham (3/5), Bangkok (24/4), Nairobi (23/7) Detroit (3/10), before we convene a UN sanctioned event (‘Faith Communities and the Cities we Need’) in November (date TBA).